Additional Services

Engineering and Manufacturing

BDWS has in house engineering and manufacturing capability. We can design and manufacture almost any surface or sub-surface equipment with short lead-times and at a competitive price.
BDWS can maintain or decommission your mature equipment assets.

Well Tracer © - Gas Lift Well Surveys

In conjunction with Apps Smith, this non intrusive, patented Well Tracer © creates a snap shot of a gas injection well's performance by the introduction of a small amount of CO2 to the annulus and then by measurement of the returns in the production string. The equipment is highly portable and the return on investment is significant.

Casing and Tubing Patches

BDWS can provide 'hydraulic set' solutions for zonal islation and casing integrity problems in tubing and casing.

No Explovises!!!

Minimal ID reduction, high collapse pressure, hot/sour solutions. Available for all grades of casing and tubing between 2-7/8" and 9-5/8".

Cased Hole Logging

BDWS can provide Real-Time and Memory Logging services for cased hole interventions:

- Electronic Memory Recorders
- Memory Production Logging Tools
- Caliper and downhole camera
- Gamma Ray/CCL
- Pulsed Neutron-Neutron

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