Coiled Tubing Services

BDWS Coiled Tubing services improve your well performance.
Rigless Workover. Cost effective solutions.

Coiled Tubing services

  • Circulating
  • Gas lift
  • Milling and under-reaming
  • Packer setting and retrieval
  • Cementing
  • Acidizing
  • Nitrogen lift
  • Jetting and cleaning
  • MPLT conveyance in deviated wells

Micro Coil' (1/4" - 5/8") ... up to 2" Conventional CTU
BDWS specialises in geothermal well intervention.

Coiled Tubing high power rotary jetting

  • 5,000 psi rotary jetting @ 3 bpm
  • Proven Track Record in Geothermal
  • Silica and Calcite removal
  • Cleaning perforated/slotted casing and liners
  • Near well bore enhancement
  • Remove cement and other deposits

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