Micro Coil & Hybrid Services

Modular, lightweight, Ultra-portable, Hybrid 'Micro Coil' Tubing (MCT).
Cost effective solutions for well integrity issues and well performance.

Micro Coil Tubing

Containerised (10 x 8 x 8 ft)
1/2" x 12,000 ft
15,000 PSI @ 8gpm
Hybrid Wireline / MCT
Quad BOP / Injector

BDWS Hybrid 'Micro Coil' use wireline unit as a power pack. Slickline & braided cable + 'Micro Coil' Tubing all in one small footprint.

BDWS multi-skilled crews can operate 'Hybrid' Wireline + 'Micro Coil', saving time and cost. Improved logistics and reduced HSE exposure without compromising service quality.

Lateral Jetting services

BDWS 'Micro Coil' can provide Lateral Jetting services A high pressure jetting nozzle enters the formation. Jetting at up to 10,000 psi 'erodes' a 60 mm (2-1/2") channel up to 100 meters from the wellbore. The "lateral" created significantly improves reservoir exposure in concentional and CBM resevoirs. Laterals are particularly effective penetrating beyond near well bore damage and increasing permeability and drainage area and in non-homogeneous formations.

Precision milling and chemical delivery

BDWS 'Micro Coil' can also provide precision milling and chemical delivery. High pressure low volume cleanout services remove wax, scale and asphalitnes that compromise both well integrity and production. BDWS 'Micro Coil' can deliver a range of highly effective proprietary chemicals to improve production and profit.

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