Client Testimonials

BDWS is committed to providing a quality service to its clients.

Our aim is to be the preferred supplier of choice. We are continually looking inward reviewing our performances and looking for opportunities to improve what we deliver. Routinely we request our clients feedback and impose a high target average on the performance feedback received.

Some examples of such client feedback are ……..

High profile fishing operations

2 x Toolstrings lost in 4-1/2” well. Location was in a populated area and SITHP was 4500psi with 14.5% (145,000 ppm) H2S and had serious hydrate problems.

BDWS were contact by the client at an early stage when the second fish and wire was left in the well just below the tubing hanger.
We worked with the client to prepare a fishing program. From that agreed fishing program we selected and prepared specific fishing tools and dispatched to location.

A BDWS fishing specialist made 3 trips to China and fully recovered all wire and fish.

Our specialist also supervised a third party coiled tubing hydrate wash after recovering the top wire and fish, resulting in the well being handed back to the client in a “clean” condition after a safe and incident free operation.

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What the client said….

“First I would like to express my sincere and personal thanks for your outstanding technical and onsite support for our successful and incident free fishing operations.

Further I know that you went through extraordinary effort to get multiple Chinese business visas.

Second, I believe that we would not be at this successful conclusion without the outstanding SME support from you and Milton.

Thanks again for being part of our fishing team, it was an outstanding win for our project.”
-Subsurface Manager

The Operation

BDWS were contracted to provide slickline equipment and intervention deployment services support to a “major worldwide” service company conducting a nine well abandonment project offshore Bangladesh for a major international operator.

While the objective of the operation was to Install mechanical bridge plugs in each well, the location and logistical challenges of the operation determined that all eventualities were considered and a contingency plan including procedure and equipment was in place at the site.

Our scope of services also extended to manufacturing of back up plugging equipment.

The operation was a complete success, completing the nine well workscope ahead of the clients planned time schedule.

The project was completed with no QHSE incidents and zero lost time.

What the client said….

“The overall service from BDWS has been excellent, from planning, preparation, delivery and through to operations.

Your plan to handle tools strings was very effective. The stats speak for themselves. We completed slickline scope in far less time than anticipated with no EHS issues and no NPT. Admittedly there were no downhole issues to contend with but all of us on the platform were confident we were well prepared.

A special note of thanks to the BDWS crew, two quiet achievers with many years of experience who went about their task without fuss.
Thanks also to the BDWS Team in Singapore for putting up with our D&C and our incessant requests.

We have come away with a very positive view of your service quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services internally. Specially for one off “odd jobs” like this one.
I look forward to an opportunity to work with your team on a future project”.

-Drilling Engineer