Black Diamond Well Services has a wealth of experience in the provision of Slickline services covering standard and specialized solutions, including but not limited to, well investigations, gas lift, well plugging / un-plugging, zone changes, bailing / sampling, well surveys, swabbing, safety valve operations and fishing, high pressure high temperature, braided cable.
These operations conducted offshore and onshore in completion, workover, production, abandonment operational phases, in rig, platform or land locations.

Our fleet includes ASEP FlyLine, SlimLine and MaxiLine, Single, Dual and Triple drum units. SSR Single and Dual drum units. We also have Hybrid unit combining the deployment of slickline and capillary using the same unit.
Our inventory of Pressure Control Equipment ranges in size from 3" through to 6-5/8" ID in pressure ranges from 5000psi through to 15,000psi. Our packages can include stuffing box or grease injection control head, lubricators, quick test subs, pump in subs, chemical injection subs, tool catcher and tool traps, with a selection of BOP in single, dual, triple or quad ram type. We have full grease injection control systems to support braided cable operations, and can provide well control panels and pressure test pumps.
We have an extensive inventory of slickline tools for deployment. Toolstring sizes from 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", 2-1/2" and up to 2-11/16" heavy duty tool fishing string. From our stock of slickline equipment we are able to provide the string end tools to conduct any standard downhole application, investigations, zone change, gas lift, plugs, valves, surveys etc. We can also provide specialized tool solutions for problem or deviated well types. BDWS has the design engineering and manufacturing capability to provide bespoke tool solutions upon request. For further details please contact us at gs.mo1713048705c.idb1713048705@seir1713048705iuqne1713048705
For further information on slickline services and equipment contact us at gs.mo1713048705c.idb1713048705@seir1713048705iuqne1713048705