Micro Coiled Tubing

BDWS Hybrid Micro Coil and Slickline systems offer efficient integrated solutions including;

  • Nitrogen Gas Lift,
  • Precision Downhole Chemical and Solvent Delivery,
  • High Pressure Low Volume Clean out and jetting for Scale and wax removal,
  • Radial jetting to by pass near well bore damage and improve sand face contact area,
  • Comprehensive catalogue of Slickline solutions using combined unit packages.
Our Modular & Combination units combine MCT and Slickline functions in a single control and power unit.
This combined package, operated by multi-skilled crews, offer the above comprehensive service options with reduced footprint, logistics and head count.

BDWS Radial jetting services create multiple extended laterals to by pass near well bore damage, increase sand face contact and improve drainage.
Our Radial Jetting service tools allow the casing to be penetrated and multiple extended laterals to be created reaching many “tens” of metres from the mother bore.

Large “lateral bores” can be created many orders of magnitude larger and longer than the most powerful perforating system.

For further information regarding the above services contact us at gs.mo1721636901c.idb1721636901@seir1721636901iuqne1721636901