Equipment Products

The BD new “Barrier Lock” mandrel

Designed for running WL downhole safety valves and other flow control devices in the upper nipple in the completion.
Designed to eliminate the possibility of being released and blowing/flowing up the well and getting stuck in the hanger or x-mas tree.
Running tool has a check set collet which will confirm if the Barrier Lock is properly set in the nipple.

  • Can be made in any size.
  • Can be retrofitted to almost any nipple.
  • Can be used with almost any manufacturers safety valves or flow control equipment.

The Black Diamond Adjustable Wire Finder Grab System

Designed with core tool mandrel that accommodates a selection of wire grab and wire finder skirts across a range of tubing sizes.
This interchangeable tool design provides the flexibility required to provide fishing contingency across various well sizes while reducing conventional tool inventory and individual tool cost.

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